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Contact our Outpatient Imaging Center Locations Directly by phone or click the link to visit the website:


Evergreen Radia Imaging Center:
(425) 952-6100


Seattle Radiology:
(206) 292-6233


South Sound Radiology:
(360) 493-4600


Swedish Radia Edmonds:
(425) 640-4949


Contacting your insurance company to get an out-of-pocket cost directly from them? You might need the imaging center Tax ID number. 
Radia Inc., P.S. Tax ID is, 91-1853574.
Evergreen Radia Tax ID is, 20-0143152.
Seattle Radiology (Radia Imaging Center Holdings) Tax ID is, 83-1851140.
South Sound Radiology Tax ID is, 91-0890139.
Swedish Radia Imaging Center Tax ID is, 20-3355320.